Services for Researchers

Services for researchers

LIBIS and the Imaging Lab of the University library offer a variety of digital services and expertise to support researchers in their work. This can range from high end digitisation of research material using new lighting techniques to reveal hidden information, the development of specialised viewers to improve the visualisation of digitised research material (cfr. IDEM project), and software for information management and sharing such as research databases and web portals that allow interaction with the community of researchers and interested parties alike (cfr. NaBuCCo project).

Both the Imaging Lab and LIBIS have innovation at its core and this is exactly why we value partnerships with researchers in innovative proposals and projects

Our data management services:

Services for Researchers

With our wide range of services we are sure we can find a solution befitting your projects’ needs, yet it doesn’t stop here. Both LIBIS and the Imaging Lab have been involved in a number of innovative projects and are continuously exploring best practices as well as new and innovating technologies in partnership with the researchers. Our work and collaboration doesn’t start or ends with a project, we contribute to every step, from the proposal writing phase until the publication and long term preservation of your research data sets.

Both LIBIS and the Imaging Lab have their specific, yet complementary fields of expertise and services to offer. While for example the Imaging Lab offers high-end digitisation and scientific imaging solutions such as multispectral imaging, LIBIS provides the infrastructure to safely store and preserve this content as well as the specialised viewers needed to access and research the material. In our partnership we try to look for the best and most cost efficient solution that fulfils the research groups’ requirements and available project budget. Together we will explore and offer the most suitable solution. We follow and open and modular approach, meaning you can pick what you need and are free to use other services and solutions to fulfil your other requirements.

The services listed are not at the least exhaustive. We are eager to hear about the requirements of your digital project so as to develop and innovate together.